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Resale Services


Used Equipment

Brown Air LLC offers many surgical handpieces, attachments, and hoses available for sale to qualified buyers. These items are used but are fully rebuilt by our technicians and are in perfect working order. All of the used equipment we sell carries the same 90-day warranty as the repairs.

New Replacement Hoses

Brown Air LLC manufactures replacement propellant hoses, extension hoses, and DISS hose adaptors. Replacement propellant hoses are manufactured to meet the customer's needs. Brown Air LLC also has extension hoses that are made per the customer's specifications. These specifications may include length and type of end fittings.

Specialty Machined Parts for Sale

At times we have excess repair parts inventory. Even though it is not common practice, we have decided to sell some of our excess inventory. These items will be posted on the corresponding page and can change. Feel free to look at what we have to offer.

Hose Adapters for Sale

Given we are in the pnuematic powered equipment industry we have various hose adapters available for sale. These items will be posted on the corresponding page. Other adapter combinations are available upon request.

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