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Repair Services

The repair of pneumatic orthopedic surgical equipment is a very competitive industry. To gain an edge in this demanding market, Brown Air LLC employs our complete rebuild service approach.

Brown Air LLC has over 50 years of combined industry experience at your disposal.

We repair equipment that has been labeled as Non-Repairable or Obsolete by the manufacturers. Hall Series 4 Oscillating Saw

Brown Air LLC uses the highest quality parts in our repairs to ensure maximum longevity of your equipment and lowering your overall cost.

Each instrument that has been repaired at Brown Air LLC has a service history report associated with it that is available upon request.

Our highly skilled technicians can troubleshoot an array of equipment from air hoses to neuro drills. They will recommend solutions that will extend the life of your equipment and avoid any future problems.

Brown Air LLC employs a model specific flat-rate pricing schedule. The repair cost may increase relative to the severity of the damage and the intensity of the repairs needed.

Each piece of equipment that is repaired at Brown Air LLC carries a warranty covering parts and labor for 90 days from the date of return shipment. The warranty is void in the event a repaired item is damaged by abuse or misuse during the 90-day period.

The following list shows some of the equipment that Brown Air LLC repairs.

3M® Maxi Driver II™ and Attachments 3M® Mini-Driver™ and Attachments
3M® Micro-Driver™ and Attachments Aesculap® HiLAN®, HiLAN® XS, and microLAN® motors, handpieces, and hoses
Anspach® Black Max™, Foot Control, and Attachments Anspach® Micro Max™ and X Max™, Foot Control, and Attachments
Brassler USA® BSPMICRO™ and PneuMicro™ Small Bone Power Systems and Hoses Codman® Drivers and Handpieces
ConMed/Hall® Micro 100™ Small Bone Handpieces, Guards, and Attachments ConMed/Hall® Surgairtome II®
ConMed/Hall® Series 3™ and Series 4™ Large Bone Handpieces and Attachments ConMed/Hall® PowerPro™ Pneumatic Handpieces and Attachments
ConMed/Hall® Osteon™ and Ototome™ Handpieces and Foot Controls ConMed/Hall® Sternum Saw and Guards
Midas Rex® Legend® Neuro Drill and Attachments Midas Rex® Classic/III Neuro Drill and Attachments
Micro Aire® 1000/2000/2500/4000/7000 Series Pneumatic Handpieces and Attachments Micro Aire® Micro Series Handpieces and Attachments
Sarns® Sternal Saw Handpieces and Drive Cables Stryker® CORE Attachments
Stryker® Pneumatic Maestro Drill, Foot Control, and Attachments Stryker® System II/2000/4/5/6/7 Attachments
Stryker® PD and SD Attachments Stryker® TPS™ Attachments
Stryker® U-Series and U2 Attachments Synthes® Air Driver Handpiece and Attachments
Synthes® Battery Powered Line Attachments Synthes® Compact Air Drive and Compact Air Drive II Handpieces and Attachments
Synthes® Compressed Air Motor Handpiece and Attachments Synthes® Small Battery Drive Attachments
Synthes® Universal Air Drill Handpiece and Attachments T.P.L.O./Oscillating Saws - Whittemore Enterprises®, DeSoutter® and Slocum®
Zimmer® Air Dermatome Handpiece Zimmer® Micro-Mill Handpiece

*Even though Brown Air LLC does not repair battery powered, electric powered surgical instruments, consoles, cords, or foot pedals, we do repair attachments associated with these types of modular systems.

We are not limited to servicing only the items and manufacturers listed above. We have serviced and repaired many items manufactured by Ace Surgical®, Aesculap®, AMSCO®, DePuy®, DeSoutter®, Komet®, Tuke®, Whittemore Enterprises® and Zimmer®. If there is a particular repair item in question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Chances are good that we can service and/or repair it. For a printable list of our repair services please click here.

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