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Brown Air LLC is based in Sturgis, MI. Since the company's foundation in 1999, Brown Air LLC has grown to be one of the most well respected repair facilities in the country.   Brown Air LLC was founded by the originator of two repair labs within national hospital servicing companies. Brown Air LLC is a completely independent repair facility and not associated with any of the major equipment manufacturers. 

Brown Air LLC is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers through both innovative and time-tested repair techniques. Our philosophy is to meet or exceed OEM specifications. When we have to replicate components to complete a repair, we have the component fully tested to ensure the materials we are using for our replicated parts are on par with OEM specifications. Resulting in equal quality parts being used in the repair of our customers' equipment. We always attempt to repair each piece of equipment and offer a replacement only when absolutely necessary for the safety of the patients and medical staff. This in turn prolongs the life of their equipment and lowers their overall costs.

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