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Featured Equipment Pictures

Below are the featured surgical equipment we have available for purchase. Please contact us directly or through the submission form on the contact page for pricing.
Description: 1978 Clark® Electric Forklift (As-is Working Condition, Does Need Service/Repair) Inquire for additional pictures and information.
Models: EC500-45 (E355-45)
Description: 3M® Mini Driver™ Set
Models: K200, K109, K110, K111A, K112, K113 and K220
Description: 3M® Mini-Driver™ Electric Handpiece w/ Power Cord and Universal Console (As-is Working Condition)
Models: K500, M334 and M575
Description: Midas Rex® Legend® Pneumatic Foot Control w/ 20' Input Hose (NEW, OLD STOCK)
Models: PC100, PC110, PC120 and PC130
Description: Anspach® Foot Control w/ 10' Input Hose (NEW, OLD STOCK)
Description: Synthes® Nitrogen Pressure Regulator, Complete with Dual Couplers (NEW, OLD STOCK)
Model: 520.89
Description: Stryker® Cordless Driver Sagittal Saw (Newer Style with Indexing Blade Head)
Model: 4100-400-000
Description: Hall® Sternum Saw w/ Wrench (NEW, OLD STOCK)
Models: 5059-05 and 5059-07
Hall 5053-11
Description: Hall® Micro 100™ Sagittal Saw (NEW, OLD STOCK)
Model: 5053-11
Description: Hall® Micro 100™ Wiredriver
Model: 5053-13
Description: Brasseler® PneuMicro® Equipment
Models: PM-M10-200, PM-M10-901, PM-M10-902, PM-M10-903, PM-M12-200, PM-M13-200 and PM-M14-200
Description: 3M® Minos™ Air Drill - High Speed (NEW, OLD STOCK)
Model: A200
Description: Stryker® Signature Maestro Air Motor
Model: 5407-200-000
Description: Stryker® PD-Series Maestro 60:1 Perforator Attachment
Model: 5400-210-060
Description: Stryker® System 6 1/4" Adjustable Keyless Chuck Attachment
Model: 6203-133-000
Description: Stryker® System 8 1/4" Locking Keyless Chuck Attachment
Model: 8203-133-000
Description: Stryker® System 7 Dual Trigger Wire Collet (0.7 - 1.8 mm)
Model: 7203-026-000
Description: Stryker® System 4 Adjustable Pin Collet
Model: 4103-126-000
Description: Synthes® Compact Air Wire Driver Attachment
Model: 511.790
Description: Synthes® Compact Air Wire Driver Attachment (NEW, OLD STOCK)
Model: 511.791
Description: Synthes® Small Battery Drive Quick Coupling for K-wires
Model: 532.022
Description: Synthes® Single Air Hose - Synthes® Style 5 Meters w/ Schrader Stem, Older Green Style
Model: 519.80S
Description: Synthes® Single Air Hose - Synthes® Style 5 Meters, Older Green Style
Model: 519.80
Description: Stryker® SD-Series Straight Long Attachment (NEW, OLD STOCK)
Model: 5100-120-470
Description: Stryker® U2 Elite Medium Attachment
Model: 5100-10-450
Description: Stryker® U2 Elite Long Attachment
Model: 5100-10-470
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